About The Bookstore

The Co-op Bookstore offers full counter service with friendly staff who take the time to review your textbook requirements with you. Simply bring us your course schedule and we'll gather your books, or look them up with our online textbook search. We stock new and used textbooks for all courses (used books are 25% cheaper). You pay the lowest possible prices because we're owned by students for students.

It pays to be a member of the Guelph Campus Co-op.  Co-op members get a 5% member discount at the Co-op Bookstore.  Buy a Co-op membership card for $15. & it's valid for 4 years. Better to keep your money in your pocket!  Last year the Co-op rebated over $120,000 to our members.

Remember - new memberships last for 4 years!  For previous members who had a membership before the change to the 4 year membership program... you can renew for only $5.

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Used Textbooks

The Co-op takes pride in stocking as many used textbooks each semester as possible. To do this we depend on UofG students to sell their used textbooks back to us. There are a number of factors that affect the price the Co-op can offer for your book:

  • Condition Of Your Book
  • The Bookstore is Overstocked
  • National Demand for Your Book
  • A New Edition Has Been Published
  • Custom Package Missing Pieces
  • The Instructor Will Not Use Your Book

Check here for the next Co-op Bookstore buyback dates.

As a special bonus from the Co-op Bookstore, the buyer will include an additional 10% for any book sold to wholesale!