Info for Parents & Supporters

Why the Co-op Bookstore?

The Guelph Campus Co-operative (Co-op Bookstore) has a long and proud tradition of service and innovation on the University of Guelph campus. The Co-op Bookstore is the only bookstore on campus providing full counter service with friendly, helpful staff who will get your textbooks for you. The Co-op Bookstore is the original bookstore on campus operating since 1913.

We're owned and democratically controlled by our student membership with the mandate of making student life better.

You pay the lowest possible prices because we're owned by students, for students.

When can students start buying their textbooks?

A notice is posted on our Bookstore Webpage when the online textbook listings are available.

Payment Options

The Co-op Bookstore accepts Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards, Co-op Account Cards, Cash and Personal Cheques (with identification). We are NOT able to accept the Textbook dollars on the University of Guelph Meal Plans.  The plan is used exclusively at the University of Guelph Bookstore.  Please keep this in mind when you are asked to prepay $1,000 onto the Textbook Plan.

Parents Purchasing Textbooks by Credit Card

If you would like to purchase materials for your son or daughter, but are out of town, please contact the Co-op Bookstore at 1-800-869-2773 and ask for the Bookstore Manager. The Co-op Bookstore will require written, signed consent from the parent for the use of their credit card for the purchase of textbooks.

The Co-op Bookstore will keep your credit card authorization as part of our records. The Guelph Campus Co-op shall only use and disclose your personal information with your consent. For more information, please see the Guelph Campus Co-op Privacy Policy.

Average Yearly Textbook Costs

Average cost of textbooks for 1st year students ranges from $500 - $700 per semester.

Save with Used Books

The Co-op Bookstore endeavours to carry as many used textbooks in stock each semester as possible. Used books cost 25% less than new books and will save you money.

Special 24 Hour Hold Service

When visiting the Co-op Bookstore your student can put their books on hold for 24 hours if they are unsure of anything. When they come back to the Co-op Bookstore they simply present their hold ticket at the service counter. They can decide at that time if they wish to purchase the materials.

Sell My Textbooks

Students can get money back by selling their textbooks to the Co-op Bookstore at the end of the term. We pay up to 50% of the new books price if it is in demand. Just click here to learn more about textbook buyback.

Returns Policy

Just click here to learn about our return policy. Remember to always keep your receipt.

Benefits of Guelph Campus Co-op Membership- 5% Discount at the Co-op Bookstore

There are two bookstores on campus. Only one of them is owned by students. For only $15 -a Co-op membership (valid for 4 years) gets you an extra 5% discount on textbooks. The discount is applied immediately to your first purchase of textbooks.