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Friday, August 24, 2012

  • Consider running for the Board or joining a committee

    Consider running for the Board or joining a committee

It is the membership (one member, one vote) that ultimately controls what goes on at the Co-op. Each year, at the Annual General Meeting held in September, the membership democratically elects a group of 12 people who take on the legal and fiduciary authority of the Guelph Campus Co-op. In other words, the membership is selectively giving responsibility to a certain number of people to deal with business that needs to be taken care of on behalf of the members on a regular basis.

Any members of the Co-op, from any division, can run for the BoD. Terms run for 2 years and after finishing a term, any member is eligible for re-election. Within the Board itself, a president, treasurer, and secretary are elected and the past-president joins in to form the Executive Committee. The BoD meets at least once a month and sometimes more often; the Executive Committee does the same.

Any member of the Co-op is welcome at the Board's meetings to express concerns or just to listen in. Even though BoD members come from different areas of the Co-op (some have an interest in Food, some in Housing, some in the Bookstore) they are responsible for making decisions about the Co-op as a whole, for the good of the whole. The Board receives no form of monetary remuneration. They receive training through workshops and conferences.

Co-op Board Members - 2016

Randy Grigsby - Treasurer

Matthew Campbell

Mikaela Stiver

Matthew Stiver

Jacqui Shaw

Al Rahematulla

Kevin Bowman

Emma Louth

Warren van Loggerenberg

Abdalla Mohamed

David Gundrum

Geoff Krauter


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